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🚨 bleached flannels are here 🚨

We sell these like mad every year! Beat the rush and get yours before we sell out (because we do EVERY year!)

These are the softest most amazing flannels ever and they smell AMAZING! Don’t ask you’ll understand when you get them!

For those who are new Our flannels are made by lemonAID a non profit in Dallas Tx who support the homeless there. They feed them cloth them bathe them and educate them! Help get them back on their feet. Not only that but this is all don’t by two teen kiddos! They started this venture as just 6&9 year olds. They are serving with such amazing purpose through God and their church. It’s so amazing to see! Not only that they help their mom make these flannels and they’re BOMB!

🍁 4 colors available this year
Autumn Feels
Green/Black Plaid
Blue Buffalo Plaid
Red Buffalo Plaid

We have one more color to release at the end of the week. I’ll let y’all know when it’s ready!

🍁 These will start to ship on Thursday. Get your order in to beat the august market rush we also sell out and people get mad / sad.

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🍁 S-3x
🍁 39 each